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NAZARETH - The Anthology (2009)

Portugal Fnac prices at 16,00 Euros. Excellent Production, Excellent Remastered, Fantastic Band, Please Support The Artist, Buy The Original!

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PETER MURPHY - Cascade (1995) + 3 Bonus Tracks Live at Aula Magna (31-10-2009)

Well, I don´t have words about this last concert of Peter Murphy at Aula Magna, Lisbon. Fucking Awesome performance of this great singer and his band...
The Bonus Tracks Live at Aula Magna are video rips from Youtube. The mp3 Quality it´s bad and i can´t rip it with more... Anyway, I hope you like it...
BONUS TRACKS ARE: I´ll Fall With Your Knife, Strange Kind of Love & Bela Lugosi´s Dead, Cuts You Up

LINK album: http://sharebee.com/0d9ce84f

LINK 3 Bonus Tracks Live: http://www.4shared.com/file/153990125/d3176f29/peter_murphy_-_cuts_you_up__aula_magna_.html