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GLEN BURTNICK - Heroes & Zeros (1987) + VIDEOCLIP



JOURNEY - Captured (Live 1981)

NELSON - After The Rain (+ 2 bonus Videoclips)

"NELSON - I Can´t Live Wihout Your Love and Affection" - VIDEOCLIP

"NELSON - After The Rain" - VIDEOCLIP
01 - (I Can´t Live Without Your) Love and Affection
02 - I Can Hardly Wait
03 - After The Rain
04 - Tracy´s Song
05 - Only Time Will Tell
06 - More Than Ever
07 - (It´s Just) Desire
08 - Fill You Up
09 - Interlude
10 - Everywhere I Go
01 - (I Can´t Live Without Your) Love and Affection
02 - After The Rain

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SOUND BARRIER - Born To Rock (1984) (Mini Album)

01 - Conquer The World
02 - Born To Be Wild
03 - Raging Heart
04 - Born To Rock
05 - Do Or Die

Produced by Sound Barrier and Karot Faye

LINK: http://www.zshare.net/download/61753921cab6d3b1/

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ALAN MERRILL - Alan Merrill (1985)

"Alan Merrill has had a long and varied career as a pop musician on three continents. Born Allan Sachs, the son of singer Helen Merrill and horn man Aaron Sachs, singer, guitarist, bassist and songwriter Merrill played in several bands in Greenwich Village as a teen before moving to Japan, where, as a member of the group the Lead, he signed a recording deal with RCA Victor Tokyo in 1968. The Lead had one big hit in Japan, "Aoi Bara," before breaking up, leaving Merrill as a solo act. He recorded two albums in 1970 and 1971, Merrill 1 and Alone in Tokyo, becoming a huge star in Japan's domestic market, working as a TV host and soap opera actor as well as recording music. Tired of being viewed as a "teen idol," Merrill formed the glam rock group Vodka Collins with drummer Horoshi Oguchi, recording the enduring TokyoNew York album for EMI Records, which spawned three hit singles, including a beautiful Merrill composition, "Sands of Time."Merrill left Vodka Collins to form The Arrows in the U.K. in 1974. Among the groups' hits was the first version of "I Love Rock N Roll," later an even larger smash for Joan Jett. Merrill continued his television appearances in Britain, hosting a weekly series called The Arrows Show. When punk hit, The Arrows broke up, and Merrill formed the band Runner, recording the selftitled Runner for Island Records in 1978, before returning to the States, where he joined Rick Derringer's band. He released a solo album on Polydor in 1985, then joined Meat Loaf's band for a pair of albums. He had a reoccurring part in the HBO series Encyclopedia Brown, and began working with producer Jon Tiven in the Jon Tiven Group. Demand for a Vodka Collins reunion brought him back to Japan for three reunion albums by the band in the late 1990s. In 2002 Merrill released a 22song soloproject called Cupid Deranged, which was in essence a career retrospective. A holiday album, A Merrilly Christmas appeared that same year. A double album tribute to songwriters Arthur Alexander and Otis Blackwell, Double Shot Rocks, saw release in 2003, followed by another solo project, Aleecat, in 2004. Steve Leggett, All Music Guide".
Alan Merrill - Guitar, Bass, Organ, Synth, Lead and backing vocals (The Arrows, Cozy Powell, Runner, Hilly Micheals, Rick Derringer, Weird Al, Meat Loaf, DC Lacroix, Joan Jett)

DANNY SPANOS - Passion In The Dark (1983)

Produced by Spencer Proffer. Engineered by Duane Baron.
Danny Spanos - Vocals
Carmaine Appice - Drums
Frankie Banali - Drums
Rick Derringer - Guitars
Richard Bennett - Acoustic guitars 'Excuse Me'
Jimmy Johnson - Bass
Duane Hitchings - Keyboards
Randy Kerber - Keyboards 'Excuse Me'
Backing vocals - Randy Bishop, Tommy Faragher, Danny Spanos

DANNY SPANOS - Danny Spanos (1980)

"Danny Spanos is best know for his 1983 Rock and Roll Album "Passion In The Dark" which produced the top 40 hit single "Hot Cherie" and received big airplay on radio stations nationwide in the summer of 1983. He had a video for the song "Excuse Me" which made it into the MTV video rotation in early 1983. Born and Raised in South Lyon, Michigan, he was know as George Spannos, and went on to play drums under his given name with several groups, including Redbone, known best for their hit song "come and get your love" in the 1970s. He also played drums on the theme music for the 1970s TV series Starsky and Hutch." (from wikipedia)
Album Produced by John Alcock and Andy Johns.
Keyboards - Duane Hitchings
Guitars - Earl Slick
Bass - Sam Pate, Kim Gardner, Pat Vegas
Drums - A. J. Maday, Ross Salamon
Harmonica - Curly Smith
Saxophone - Tom Scott
Background vocals - Danny Spanos, John Joyce

BLACKTHORNE - Afterlife (1993)

Graham Bonnet on vocals (Rainbow, MSG, Impelliteri, Forcefield)
Bob Kulick on guitar (Michael Bolton, Balance, Kiss, Meat Loaf etc.)
Frankie Banali on drums (Quiet Riot, Wasp, Billy Thorpe, Billy Idol)
Jimmy Waldo on keyboards (New England, Alcatraz, Malmsteen, House of Lords, Steve Vai)
Chuck Wright - bass (Giuffria, Impelliteri, Quiet Riot)

LINK: http://www.zshare.net/download/61577332c5756b20/


Rick Randle - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar (Child)
Scott Rosburg - Vocals, Bass, Guitar (Shyanne, Randy Hansen)
Rick Ramirez - guitar (Boomerang, Bruzer, Pamela Moore Band, Ruffians)
Rick Taylor - Drums (Strypes)
Randle-Rosburg, Seattle, Washington (1971-1974), became Striker (1974-1980), and was amongst Seattle's leading hard rock bands in the late 70's. And they released only one album.
1. Think About It
2. Midnight Flyer
3. Wish
4. More Than Enough
5. On My way
6. Hard On Me
7. Somebody Help Me
8. By Your Side
9. Running In The Wrong Lane
10. We Got The Power

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ROGER DALTREY - Moonlighting, The Anthology (2005)

CD 1
1. One Man Band 2. The Way Of The World 3. Thinking 4. There Is Love 5. Giving It All Away 6. (Come And) Get Your Love 7. World Over 8. Proud 9. Dear John 10. Avenging Annie 11. One Of The Boys 12. Martyrs And Madmen 13. Say It Ain't So, Joe 14. Bitter And Twisted 15. Free Me 16. Without Your Love 17. Waiting For A Friend 18. Parting Would Be Painless 19. After The Fire 20. Under A Raging Moon

CD 2
1. Behind Blue Eyes/5:15 2. Won't Get Fooled Again 3. Pictures Of Lily 4. Quicksilver Lightning 5. Lover's Storm 6. Mack The Knife 7. The Pig Must Die 8. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me 9. Rock And Roll 10. Who's Gonna Walk On Water? 11. Love Is 12. Blues Man Road 13. Raglan Road 14. Baba O'Riley 15. Pinball Wizard 16. The Real Me 17. Stuck In The Middle 18. Child O Mine

CD1: http://hotfile.com/dl/7170936/435dc1d/rd-ma_p1.rar.html
CD2: http://www.zshare.net/download/6154818136d396ab/

ROGER DALTREY - Parting Should Be Painless (1984)

ROGER DALTREY - McVicar (1980)

"McVicar is a dramatic British film issued in 1980 by The Who Films, Ltd., starring Roger Daltrey of The Who in the title role of John McVicar. John McVicar was a 1960s armed robber turned writer who Scotland Yard publicly announced to be Public Enemy Number One and wanted dead or alive. The film was directed by Tom Clegg, based on a non-fiction book written by John McVicar detailing several months of his experiences with prison. Bill Curbishley and Roy Baird acted as producers. The film is noted as a gritty, reality-based example of U.K. crime drama, and received a 1981 nomination for Best Picture at MystFest, the International Mystery Film Festival of Cattolica." (from wikipedia)

LINK: http://www.zshare.net/download/615469396064acf5/

ROGER DALTREY - One Of The Boys (1977)

ROGER DALTREY - Ride a Rock Horse (1975)

LINK: http://www.zshare.net/download/61534311edd4f3d6/

ROGER DALTREY - Daltrey (1973)

LINK: http://www.zshare.net/download/61533920f94bb72d/

BAD COMPANY - Dangerous Age (1988)

SCORPIONS - In Trance (1976)

SCORPIONS - Virgin Killer (1977)

DON HENLEY - Building The Perfect Beast (1984)

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FOREIGNER - Agent Provocateur (1984)

JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP - American Fool (1982)

ROGER DALTREY - Rocks In The Head (1992)

JOURNEY - Next (1977)

JOURNEY - B Sides Rares (with Steve Perry)

01 - Bring it on Home to Me 02 - White Fool (Clannad, Steve Perry) 03 - Don't Fight It (Kenny Loggins, Steve Perry) 04 - Dont Tell 05 - Get Your Face 06 - Hold On I'm Coming 07 - I Can See it in Your Eyes 08 - I Wish You Were Mine (Tommy Tokioka, Steve Perry) 09 - If Only for the Love of God 10 - If Only For The Moment Girl 11 - It's Over 12 - Let Me Stay (Feeling That Way) 13 - One More Time 14 - Only Solutions 15 - People Get Ready 16 - Roadrunner 17 - Second Chance 18 - TRON 19 - Winds Of March 20 - After The Fall LIVE 21 - Wish You Were Mine 22 - Send Her My Love (Jeff Scot Sotto) 23 - Jailhouse Rock LIVE 24 - Oh Sherrie LIVE 25 - Reach Out Live 26 - Missing You LIVE 27 - Don't Fight It LIVE


01 - Let him go 02 - Let it rock you 03 - With a tear 04 - Don't tell me you're leaving 05 - It's only love 06 - I believe 07 - She's mine 08 - Foolish heart 09 - Captured by the moment 10 - Go away 11 - Lost Angels 12 - Walk your face right out of here 13 - Somebody,somewhere 14 - Just another heartache 15 - Congratulations 16 - Come on an love me 17 - Running for love 18 - Special kind of love 19 - Holding on

OLE EVENRUDE - This Ole Town

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