sexta-feira, 19 de junho de 2009


Rick Randle - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar (Child)
Scott Rosburg - Vocals, Bass, Guitar (Shyanne, Randy Hansen)
Rick Ramirez - guitar (Boomerang, Bruzer, Pamela Moore Band, Ruffians)
Rick Taylor - Drums (Strypes)
Randle-Rosburg, Seattle, Washington (1971-1974), became Striker (1974-1980), and was amongst Seattle's leading hard rock bands in the late 70's. And they released only one album.
1. Think About It
2. Midnight Flyer
3. Wish
4. More Than Enough
5. On My way
6. Hard On Me
7. Somebody Help Me
8. By Your Side
9. Running In The Wrong Lane
10. We Got The Power

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