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THE CULT - Love (Omnibus Edition 2009)

The Omnibus Edition is presented as a lavish box set with the CDs in Japanese-style paper sleeves, reproducing the original vinyl cover art, accompanied by a 48 page book. 'Love' has been expanded into a 4 disc set - as well as the re-mastered original album, the box also includes bonus discs featuring all the tracks from their 1985 UK singles including the remixes of 'She Sells Sanctuary', demos and live recordings from 1985.
Disc One - Love 1. Nirvana 2. Big Neon Glitter 3. Love 4. Brother Wolf; Sister Moon 5. Rain 6. Phoenix 7. Hollow Man 8. Revolution 9. She Sells Sanctuary 10. Black Angel
Disc Two - Singles 1. She Sells Sanctuary (Long Version) 2. No.13 3. The Snake 4. (Here Comes The) Rain 5. Little Face 6. Revolution (Full Length Remix) 7. Judith 8. Sunrise 9. All Souls Avenue 10. She Sells Sanctuary (Howling Mix) 11. Assault On Sanctuary
Disc Three - Demos 1. Brother Wolf; Sister Moon 2. Hollow Man 3. She Sells Sanctuary 4. All Souls Avenue 5. Little Face 6. No. 13 7. Big Neon Glitter 8. Waltz (Instrumental) 9. Nirvana (Instrumental) 10. Revolution (Instrumental)
Disc Four - Live 1985 1. Love 2. Nirvana 3. Christians 4. Hollow Man 5. Big Neon Glitter 6. Brother Wolf; Sister Moon 7. Rain 8. Dreamtime 9. She Sells Sanctuary 10. Go West 11. Spiritwalker 12. Horse Nation 13. Phoenix
Everyone must have this... Ripped Mp3 320 kbps
Portugal Fnac - 19,90 Euros (go buy it)

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VOICES OF ROCK - High & Mighty (2009)

LYNYRD SKYNYRD - God & Guns (2009)

320 kbps
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AOR - Journey To L.A. (2009)

JOURNEY TO L.A (2009) Released by Escape Music
1. Waiting In The Darkness 2. Don't Turn Back 3. Love Remains The Same 4. Read The Signs 5. Just For Love 6. Desperate Dreams (New Unreleased version) 7. Never Surrender 8. The View Of You 9. Heartless 10. West Into The Sun 11. Lost In Your Eyes (New Unreleased version) 12. You're My Obsession (Instrumental)
Produced by: Frédéric SLAMA & Tommy DENANDER
Lead & Backing Vocals : Philip BARDOWELL, Steve OVERLAND, Fergie FREDERIKSEN, Dane DONOHUE, Bill CHAMPLIN // Guitars : Frédéric SLAMA, Tommy DENANDER, Steve LUKATHER, David WILLIAMS, Bruno LEVESQUE, Eric BARKDULL // Keyboards & Bass : David DIGGS, Tommy DENANDER, Frédéric SLAMA, David GETRAU // Drums : Joey HEREDIA // Backing Vocals : Johan SAHLEN

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LITA FORD - Wicked Wonderland (Single Crave, 2009)

Ford will release her new album Wicked Wonderland on October 6, 2009 and will be playing a 75 date tour. The Album will have 17 new tracks...
Crave is a single of her new album, now available on her official site for downloading...
Take yourself a listen on this new track...

LINK: http://www.4shared.com/file/136033370/36d37b2a/Lita_Ford_-_Crave.html

EDDIE MONEY - Live at The Cow Palace (31-12-1977)

GREAT WHITE - Once Bitten, Twice Live (Live at The Galaxy Theatre 31-12-2001)

For All Great White Fans... Excellent Soundboard 192 kbps...

FOREIGNER - Live at Marquee Club (London, June 1991)

Very Good Lou Gramm performance... Excellent FM BroadCast 192 kbps

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THE CULT - Love (1985)

Today at Coliseu dos Recreios. Lisbon. Sold is now out. Thanks God I bought mine two weeks ago. Let me thank you all for the 100.000 visits. It feels we growing up more and more, and it brings inspirance to continue the good work. This is a special post and a special day.

VAN HALEN - The Atomic Punks (Live at The Civic Auditorium, Pasadena 20 Dec. 1977)

SoundBoard, 256 kbps

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THE OUTFIELD - Live In Brazil (2001)

Rare and silver boot, Excellent The Outfield performance. If you don´t have it, what are you waiting for?

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terça-feira, 22 de setembro de 2009

BLACK N BLUE - Tokio Live (1984)

One of my top 20 bootlegs. Rare, with an excellent Band and a strong setlist. Guys, this is a very special post. Please get it...
Soundboard, 192 kbps

MOON MARTIN - Bad News Live (1993)

Let me say you that this is a very rare one. Some kind of fnac distribuition as someone said. Very good Moon Martin performance. Take a look guys and you will see what i´m talking about...
Soundboard, 320 kbps

BLACK N BLUE - Without Love (1985)

RIFF - Mission Love (1989)

This is Riff from Germany and not Riff from Argentina...
very hard to find, ebay prices over 38 dollars...

BLACK N BLUE - In Heat (1988)

BLACK N BLUE - Black N Blue (1984)

This is one of my favourite hair bands ever... this guys rocked and still rocking!


LINK: http://www.4shared.com/file/134511021/297e1ad1/Black__N_Blue_-_Black__N_Blue.html

BLACK N BLUE - Rarities (2007)