terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2009

AOR - Journey To L.A. (2009)

JOURNEY TO L.A (2009) Released by Escape Music
1. Waiting In The Darkness 2. Don't Turn Back 3. Love Remains The Same 4. Read The Signs 5. Just For Love 6. Desperate Dreams (New Unreleased version) 7. Never Surrender 8. The View Of You 9. Heartless 10. West Into The Sun 11. Lost In Your Eyes (New Unreleased version) 12. You're My Obsession (Instrumental)
Produced by: Frédéric SLAMA & Tommy DENANDER
Lead & Backing Vocals : Philip BARDOWELL, Steve OVERLAND, Fergie FREDERIKSEN, Dane DONOHUE, Bill CHAMPLIN // Guitars : Frédéric SLAMA, Tommy DENANDER, Steve LUKATHER, David WILLIAMS, Bruno LEVESQUE, Eric BARKDULL // Keyboards & Bass : David DIGGS, Tommy DENANDER, Frédéric SLAMA, David GETRAU // Drums : Joey HEREDIA // Backing Vocals : Johan SAHLEN

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