quinta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2008

THE STORM-Eye of the Storm (1995)

País: USA
Categoria: AOR
Ano: 1995
Editora: Music for Nations

Gregg Rolie - Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Kevin Chalfant - Lead Vocals
Josh Ramos - Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Vocals
Ross Valory - Bass, Vocals
Ron Wikso - Drums

Produced by Nigel Green, The Storm & Bob Marlette

01.Don't give up
02.Waiting for the world to change
03.I want to be the one
04.To have and to hold
05.Livin' it up
06.Love isn't easy
07.Fight for the right
08.Give me tonight
09.Soul of a man
10.What ya doing tonight?
11.Come in out of the rain
12.Long time coming

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