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DANGER DANGER-Four the Hard Way (1997)

Pais: USA
Categoria:Hard Rock
Ano: 1997
Editora: MTM Music


Paul Laine - Lead & Backing Vocals, Wah Guitar, Keyboards
Andy Timmons - Guitars, Backing vocals
Bruno Ravel - Bass, Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Noise Guitar, Guitars, Lead Vocal on track 2
Steve West - Drums, Percussion
Lester Mendez - String Arrangement on track 2
Tony Bruno - Guitars on track 3/4/5/6/9/10
Kasey Smith - Keyboards on tracks 5/7

Produced by Danger Danger(*) Produced by Bruno Ravel & Steve West


01.Still kickin' (*)
02.Sick little twisted mind (*)
04.Captain bring me down
05.Goin' all the way
06.The girl ain't built to sleep alone
07.Goin' goin' gone (*)
08.Afraid of love (*)
09.Heartbreak suicide
10.I don't need you

LINK: http://lix.in/386e1a8a

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