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JACK RUSSELL - Shelter Me - 1996 (Hard Rock)

Pais: USA
Categoria: Hard Rock
Ano: 1996
Editora: Victor Entertainment (Japan)
Jack Russell - Lead and Backing Vocals
Matthew Johnson - Lead Guitar,Backing Vocals
Michael Lardie - Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Harmonica, Banjo
Tim Bogert - Bass
Myron Grombacher - Drums
Stephan Presley - Alto Sax
Ronald Glass - Trombone
Don Teschner - Viola
Douglas Gurwell - Trumpet
Lovely Previn - Violin
Martin Tillmann - Cello
Produced by Michael Lardie, Jack Russell & Dito Godwin
1.Shelter me
2.Take my pain
3.Leave me lonely
4.Long way to go
5.Hey bulldog
6.You'll lose a good thing
7. 24/7
8.The fault's all mine
9.Roll with the tide
10.Faith in you
11.Save your love
12.Shine on
13.When I look into your eyes

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