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THE SCREAM - Let It Scream (1991)

The Scream was a Los Angeles-based hard rock band formed in 1989 as Saints Or Sinners. The band originally featured former Angora singer John Corabi and former Racer X members guitarist Bruce Bouillet, bassist Juan Alderete, and drummer Scott Travis. However, Scott Travis quickly left to join Judas Priest, and was replaced by former Shark Island drummer Walt Woodward III. Scott Travis co-wrote "I Don't Care" on Let It Scream, though he didn't actually play on the album.
They changed their name from Saints Or Sinners to The Scream shortly after Walt Woodward III replaced Scott Travis.
Many of the songs on their 1991 debut Let It Scream were performed by the band in concert before the album was ever recorded.
After releasing their 1991 debut Let It Scream on
Hollywood Records, which included the single "I Believe in Me," Corabi left the band to replace the exited Vince Neil in Mötley Crüe. The Scream then recruited former Dashboard Mary singer Billy Fogarty and recorded their second album, Takin' It To The Next Level, but were dropped from the record label before the album could be released. Fogarty, Bouillet and Alderete went on to form a brief musical project with John Moore and drummer Abe Labriel, Jr. called DC-10, which recorded the album Co-Burn.

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RAY GILLEN backing vocals

on track: YOU ARE ALL I NEED

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He passed away June 8 2010

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gracias pana

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Thanks, I read this is a great sounding album and rare too, so I want to hear it